Ignite your inner athlete and breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you back!

The Transform Difference

Here at Transform Fitness we help individuals improve their health & fitness by breaking-through their mental blocks so they can unleash their inner athlete and breakthrough the barriers holding them back!

Transform is owned by Kaeley Wynsma, NASM CPT, FNS, PES, Pro OCR racer & mom of 3. A former competitive gymnast & collegiate runner, she uses her experience as an athlete along with her education to develop a team atmosphere that welcomes the beginner & challenges even the advanced athlete!

 Health & fitness is not a one-size-fits-all and here at Transform, we work alongside you and help you where you are to get to where you want to be!

Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome. 

 We are a group of individuals who have a common goal….

the desire to improve….

As a result we have an awesome supportive community who celebrates in each others successes!


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Make a Change

Real People. Real Results

 Here at Transform Fitness Studio, we understand that life if full of ups and downs with a million little distractions trying to pull you in every direction. The crazy thing about life is that you will always have things vying for you attention, energy and time; so there is no time like the present to start prioritizing your health. Fitness is more then just a pants size or number on the scale, its about empowering oneself to achieve something you didn’t believe possible; improving your quality of life, increasing strength both physically & mentally while making some awesome friendships! 

I would highly recommend Transform for  training. They are very knowledgeable and creates workouts that are challenging and give positive results so I can live an active lifestyle with out injury.They also helps consult with diet and nutrition. They truly have helped me Transform my lifestyle!

Jen Kok

Next Wave Business Coaching

In just over 6 weeks I lost 22 pounds working out and using their food plan. It was easy, I wasn’t hungry and I had energy! I really needed the energy to work out with Ben and Kaeley. Both are experts in what they do. I like the tone I have with my muscles and how well my clothes fit.Thanks Ben and Kaeley for getting me on the right track!

Kirk Randell

“Kaeley has “transformed” me into loving strength training! She makes every workout fun and interesting. What I love about Kaeley is that she understands the difference between being uncomfortable and being in pain. She’s quick to offer up alternatives to work around any sort of past injury or personal preferences, so you can work all your muscles without risking hurting yourself. She provides a great environment for success and provides the deep knowledge of a personal trainer with the accountability and social atmosphere of a group fitness class.”

Jacqueline Poehlman

Communicate your Joy

I absolutely LOVE TransForm! They care about your goals, and keep you accountable. Plus they keep their workouts safe & effective, and help you with diet and meal planning. So amazing!! I recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Lisa Konynenbelt

Novo Chiropractic

Where are you located?

3308 Chicago Dr SW Grandville MI

Is there a yearly membership Fee?

No, we do not charge a yearly membership fee

What are your hours?

We offer small group training sessions, OCR/ Ninja Gymnast training & 1 to 1 training sessions.

Our small group training hours are

Mon-Fri 6a, 7:30a

Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30a

Mon, Wed 5:30p

Tue, Thur 5p

Sat 9a

OCR/Ninja Gymnast Sessions 

Mon 6:30p

Tue, Thur 6p


What is OCR/Ninja Training?

OCR stands for obstacle course racing.  OCR/ninja training incorporates grip strength along with strength & core training.  We have fun playing on the rig, challenging balance and combining endurance & strength to help you conquer your next competition, race or you just enjoy the workout challenge




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